Patients Speak Their Mind


“Dr. Becker gave me my life back after being significantly disabled from chronic fatigue, chronic pain, digestive issues and a host of other symptoms that came on suddenly in my early 20’s even after living a very healthy and active lifestyle my entire life. He is a brilliant doctor who is incredibly up to date and informed on the newest research on the treatment of disease. In my case, his knowledge of MTHFR genetic mutations and how they can be treated was what brought me back to life, and what now allows me to be as active as I was before the onset of symptoms. After going to see several other doctors who could not figure out where my symptoms were coming from, and who didn’t seem to put in much effort to do so, it was such a relief to find a doctor that actually listens to what his patients are experiencing and cares whether they get better or not. I highly recommend to anyone to see Dr. Becker first, and not waste time and resources on other doctors. He is simply the best.“

—27 yo female with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and with MTR, MTRR and MTHFR genetic deficits


“I first went to Dr. Becker seeking treatment for the depression which I’d battled for most of my life.  Dr. Becker took a slow approach, making sure there were no underlying conditions contributing to my mood. He soon suggested that I should take a sleep study, but I was certain I did not have a sleep disorder – that I slept too much because I was depressed, and not getting exercise. He persisted, though, and I finally took the sleep study believing we would rule out a sleep disorder and move on. Much to my surprise, the results revealed that I have Narcolepsy.

Since that diagnosis, the treatment prescribed to me by Dr. Becker has changed my life.  Now I am more alert and focused during the day, I have less anxiety, and my outlook has improved dramatically.  My health has also improved, I’ve lost weight which previously seemed permanent, and I have more energy than I’ve had in years.  Best of all, because of all these improvements I have a better relationship with my family, as I am now happier, less irritable, and can enjoy normal activities such as playing with my kids.

In connecting with other people with Narcolepsy, I’ve learned that it is very difficult to find a doctor with a good understanding of it, who will treat the whole condition instead of just covering up the symptoms with daytime stimulants. I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Becker, because not only am I sure that my Narcolepsy would never have been discovered without him, I also know that I would not have received such effective treatment without him, either.  I’m leading a dramatically better life today.“

—36 yo female with Narcolepsy-related Depression and Fatigue


“When I started seeing Jeffrey Becker, I was still emotionally enmeshed with family, mired in guilt and confusion, and essentially hobbled from moving forward in my life. Chronic fatigue had plagued me for years. I was incapable of working, and had extremely high anxiety. I kept finding myself making ill-advised, desperate life choices.

Dr. Becker has an uncanny ability to get down to business. In our first appointment we addressed my years of sleep deprivation. He explained why, if I wasn’t sleeping properly, nothing in my life would work, and he prescribed a drug I’d never heard of that immediately got me sleeping for maybe the first time in my life. He tested my thyroid, diagnosed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and got me on the appropriate medication right away. And he masterfully and methodically began to unpeel the protective layers that I keep around the story of my life, always checking in to make sure I was with him.

The most remarkable skill Dr. Becker has is his ability to synthesize the complicated ecosystem of this being human thing – the physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual are inextricable, and to treat one is to treat all. His ability to switch hats, as it were, while remaining conscious of the overlap and mutual dependencies is remarkable. In addition to tackling the big stuff with me – the legacy of my family, my mother’s influence on me, my conditioned self-defeatism and crippling regret – he has helped with things as seemingly disparate as: skin picking, being cold all the time, not getting enough protein, getting songs stuck in my head, digestive troubles, and being overwhelmed by stimuli.

Most importantly, he has helped me to reframe the story I tell about my life and allowed me to cast myself as the hero. After sessions with him I always feel empowered, an emotional experience I can honestly say I’d never felt before meeting him. I am now working, earning a Masters degree, and engaged to be married. I have access to more dimensions of myself, and my experience in the world, because of working with him.“

–32 yo female with Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Hypothyroidism and severe Zinc Deficiency.


“Hi Dr. Becker . . . I’m thrilled that my numbers are within range and that you did it all without pharmaceuticals. I can’t wait to share this information with both neurologists’ in my life; they are already blown away by your thinking. Now the numbers are in and I get to present the positive findings . . . I love it.  What a relief it is to not feel exhausted all the time, to not have to push myself to do things that came so easily to me before. And my thinking is so much clearer!  That I am able to hold multiple concepts and thoughts at one time, and not take things as personally (I’m still working on that) is a huge sign to me that things are shifting in a good direction for me. Lastly, I am moved beyond words by our discussion about the different types of love and how it relates to what I am experiencing. I have ordered The Four Loves [from C.S. Lewis]. What a delight to find a teacher in my psychiatrist. Thank you and bless you.“

–55 yo female patient with Cognitive difficulties and Mood Instability after Traumatic Brain Injury


“After several negative experiences with Los Angeles area psychiatrists I was referred to Dr. Becker.  Suspecting that my anxiety and panic issues were not solely mental, I was actively seeking a doctor who didn’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” model of psychiatric care.  I was heartened by his approach from the moment we met.  He considered my entire medical history instead of treating symptoms in isolation.  Dr. Becker helped me understand the complicated influence of genetic disposition, allergies and nutrition on my mental hygiene.  Where others might blindly medicate the symptoms, Dr. Becker probed their sources.  He explained possible physiological  bases for my issues, and made me feel more hopeful than I have I some time. Though we still have a ways to go, I sincerely trust his methods and treatment.  He’s a step beyond others in his field in considering his patients’ health as a unified whole.  I’m immensely thankful to be under his care.“

–30 yo male with Glutathione and Methylation Deficits and laboratory confirmed non-celiac Gluten Allergy

“Dr. Becker is an incredible psychiatrist. He is brilliant and it’s obvious that he is passionate about what he does. By looking at my overall health and nutrition (as opposed to just looking at my mental health) he has been able to help me more than any doctor that I have ever seen. He is kind, compassionate and truly cares about his patients. I wish there were more doctors out there like him!“

—28 yo female with Complex Migraines, Bowel Dysfunction, and severe, treatment-resistant Major Depression.


“I met Dr. Becker almost four years ago. I had a small accident a year earlier that left me in so much pain, I could not feed myself. A few months before meeting Dr. Becker I spent five weeks at the Mayo Clinic receiving a treatment plan. I had improved some with that but was still far from fully functional. In the first session Dr. Becker understood my situation well and within one month under Dr. Becker’s supervision I already had more improvement than I had managed the year before. A few months later I was basically fully functional again, working, driving and playing tennis. Shortly after meeting Dr. Becker, my wife started joining the sessions and he got to know her and treat her. She grew up under under a lot of duress and was constantly anxious, trembling daily and often scratching herself to the point of bleeding. Working with Dr. Becker she improved to the point these symptoms have been in the past for some years already. Dr. Becker is unique. He is the brightest doctor we have ever met. He understands more than his area of expertise. He is up to date and thinks out of the box yet always with a scientific base. He chooses treatments carefully considering short and long term benefits and risks. Ideas and plans have come up that had never been suggested to us before by others, even at the Mayo Clinic. He listens. We are from a foreign country yet we feel he understands us perfectly. Most importantly, Dr. Becker is compassionate and at the same time realistic. We have always felt comfortable around him and continue to see him monthly four years later. Other health issues have arrived since and we continue to trust him as if he were our primary doctor. We feel Dr. Becker considers us a priority, cares about us, and really connects to us. We really love him.“

–46 yo male with PTSD and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome


“Dr. Becker is a fantastic physician. His care of me as his patient was not only compassionate, thorough, and successful, but he took every measure possible to make sure that I got better. He is the kind of doctor I could only dream of having, until I actually walked into his office and found that this type of doctor does still exist. Dr. Becker made it a point to get to know me and my circumstances, taking the time necessary to help me and my family adjust to, understand and ultimately succeed in battling mental health issues. I don’t know what I would have done without him.“

–56 yo male with Major Depression, Low Testosterone, Gluten Allergy and Thyroid Dysfunction


“I came to see Dr. Jeffrey Becker after many years of unsuccessful or only partially-successful psychopharmalogical treatment for depression. Dr. Becker took a very detailed history, then had me collect all of my medical records from my other treating physicians, and at my second appointment, suggested an “older” medication that has proved amazingly effective.  He also added nutrients which increased my energy and stamina.   He shared with me research on people with my background and how they, as a group, responded better to certain treatments.   I have now been largely symptom free for almost five years.  I never thought I could feel this good.   He is a caring, careful, and brilliant doctor.  I recommend him with the highest degree of confidence.“

–47 yo male with Major Depression, Autoimmune Disease and Methylation Deficits


“Dr. Becker never made a wrong call. I was a wreck when I first sat down with him, which, he explained, was due to being in constant withdrawals from a benzodiazipine — one that was given to me like candy. He not only uses psychopharmaceuticals, but readily employs natural remedies such as SAMe, TMG, methylfolate and B12 injections. My mood is entirely different since working with Dr. Becker — I’m energetic and feel much more positive. I feel like he rescued me.  And, if it wasn’t enough to be brilliant, Dr. Becker is a deeply empathic, caring human being. I truly feel blessed, and grateful, to be in his care.“

–55 yo Female with long history of complex Major Depression exacerbated by Autoimmune disease


“When I began seeing Dr. Becker, I had been misdiagnosed, improperly medicated and completely misunderstood. His sensible, respectful and thorough way of treatment has been a relief, and the results that have followed even more so. In my first meeting with him, the conclusion was made that I suffered from a hormonal imbalance known as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). This syndrome had been contributing to outrageous moods swings, weight gain, lack of a menstrual cycle, and many more discomforts. After years of seeing other psychiatrists, PCOS was nothing I had ever heard of, nor had I previously considered hormone imbalance to be a factor in my mental health. But as I now understand, all systems of the body must be in harmony to reach peace of mind. After the initial meeting with Jeffrey, further assessment through a blood test was made to check various vitamin levels. Based on his findings, he formulated a nutritional and pharmacological regimen that tailored my mind and body’s needs. This comprehensive treatment program included vitamins, prescriptions, and dietary/exercise suggestions. It did not take long in following his program before I noticed improvements- a regular period, weight loss, the desire and ability to exercise, and both my mind and body in a more stable realm. Years later and in my present life, I still follow the same program and feel like my true self. My medications have even been tapered down to lower doses because I feel so comfortable, stable and empowered by the authentic strength that has been uncovered. I would not have found such peace if not for the discovery and treatment of my PCOS, which has proven to be a vital ‘piece of the puzzle’… Words cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Becker and his care.“

–22 yo female with Polycyststic Ovarian Syndrome, ADD and Mood Instability